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Great success of the first Healthy Game Day

junio 4, 2012

Good Nico & Kids

marzo 30, 2012

Xavi Rodriguez,  10 year old, FAN of Nico, made an ad that we really liked. We encourage all children to submit drawings and assemblies. Sends:


Xavi Rodriguez un niño de 10 años, FAN de Nico, ha realizado un anuncio que nos ha gustado mucho. Animamos a todos los niños y niñas a enviar sus dibujos y montajes. Envía a:


Xavi Rodriguez un nen de 10 anys, FAN del Nico, ha fet un anunci que ens ha agradat molt. Animem a tots els nens i nenes a enviar els seus dibuixos i muntatges. Envia a:




Can a Digital Raccoon Tackle Europe’s Crisis?

febrero 17, 2012

Rather than dwell on that, I went looking for a sign, any sign of optimism going into this year’s MWC. And happily found it. Earlier this week, I spoke with a local mobile app developer here in Barcelona, Enric Sola Rodriguez, who runs Esilex Games, a tiny local mobile startup, with his partner, fellow developer Miriam Broceno. Rodriguez and Broceno, who plan to attend the MWC, are among the small number of technology professionals here in southern Europe who are betting on mobile as a way out of Europe’s crisis — and doing reasonably well at it.

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By Marc Herman, Freelance Writer

New video, Play & Quit

febrero 8, 2012

Per si encara no hi has jugat 😉

Por si aún no has jugado 😉

In case you have not played 😉

Vídeo How to play Good Nico Helps you quit

enero 9, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

enero 2, 2012

Te ayuda a dejar de fumar